Do you love judging other people? Have you ever wanted to be a juror? Could you use a few lighthearted laughs? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then have we got a deal for you! We’ve donated a prize to the 95.7 Cruz FM Support Local spring auction. Now’s your chance to get a Vampire Trial Experience for an outrageously good price by placing your bid here: Take me to the auction!

If you need more enticing have a gander at this:

Now that you’ve watched this promo you’re probably sold. But if you need to see more value let me continue to enrich this experience for you but telling you a few other things. We’ve performed this many times and we keep getting better each time we do it. That means you’ll probably see our best performance if you win this prize by placing your bid. This experience is valued at $2500 and if you act quickly, it can be yours for far less! That’s one of the safest bets you’ll ever make. Are you ready to place your bid? Yes, take me to the auction!

Now check this out:

So… you’re still here. That can only mean one thing. I haven’t provided enough value. Sure, you’d love to be a juror, you’d love to render a verdict, and you’d love to see someone killed right before your very eyes. But you’re still not completely sold. Probably because I’ve been holding back one crucial bit of information from you. The C word. Comedy! That’s right, this is a comedic experience. Not only will you laugh but you’ll look back and smile at all the good times you had when you placed your bid and won that Vampire Trial Experience from your favorite comedy group, Good Improv. Bidding ends May 26th so what do you say? Are you ready to say yes and make this decision? Yes, I love comedy.

Thanks for taking the time to support local!

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