We take comedy seriously.

To provide affordable, exceptional experiences and build trust with our clients. We know you have a choice in entertainment, so we make sure to show the utmost respect to your event and your time. You’d expect nothing less.

How can we help you?

No matter the size of your group, we can provide you with affordable, high-quality entertainment. Kick back and laugh with a custom comedy show, condemn the guilty with an interactive mock trial or enjoy the life of a Vegas high-roller at a funny-money casino. We have an option for every budget and group size including online options.

If you’re looking to improve communication or idea generation prowess for you or your team, we also offer workshops that teach you how to use the tools of improv comedy to elevate your communication skills to the next level. Is there another area that you’re looking to enhance? Just ask! We can also customize a workshop to suit your needs. Learning and fun, together at last!

Referral Program

We pride ourselves on a job well done so telling a friend about us is truly the ultimate compliment. Thank you! If someone books us for any kind of event and it was because you told them about us, we want to REALLY say thank you. How about we give you $100? Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell someone about Good Improv.
  2. They book us and pay a deposit.
  3. You receive a cool $100 smackers as our way of saying thank you.

Our Services

Comedy Shows

Everything is made up on the spot and you’re in control of the action! Pick one of the formats we’ve honed to guarantee laughter then sit back and have fun. Let us pamper you. We promise you a personalized experience that you’ll talk about for years to come.

Available Formats

Hard Knock Life

Our signature show. Using the life of an audience member as inspiration, we fuse hip-hop and improv comedy to create a highly unique and memorable experience.

By The Books

We use the autobiography of a famous comedian, a popular novel, or a book of your choosing to inspire improvised sketches.

Writers Block

Your group writes down suggestions on pieces of paper, we pull them from a bowl to create improvised sketches inspired by your ideas.

Film Bluffs

We recreate a movie of your choice. The twist? We may or may not have seen it. Your group helps guide us towards the most “accurate” version of your favorite film.

Mock Trials

Band together with the rest of the mob! Decide who did the crime then punish the guilty. Each of our mock trials come complete with professional costumes, audio/visual elements, and a dangerous amount of laughter!

Available Scenarios

Rootin’ Tootin’ Western

The sheriff has been killed, and it’s up to the townsfolk to decide who did it. Was it the railroad tycoon? The Madame from the cathouse? Or maybe the old gold miner… Saddle up and serve some justice!

Bleeding Hearts Hospital

Drama! Romance! Plenty of medical jargon! Explore the lives and loves of the hospital staff to figure out who is breaking hearts, and who is stopping them.

The Vampire Trial: London, 1880

Become the jury and decide the fate of unlucky suspects, each of whom could be the vampire that has been terrorizing Victorian London.

Bride Of Frankenstein: The Bachelorette

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the first-ever undead bachelorette! You help her decide who she’ll end up with, but the options aren’t exactly thrilling her.

The Heist

A bank job gone wrong. A crew member left dead at the scene. You help the mob boss decide who’s to blame. Then watch as they get what’s coming to them.


Enjoy the Vegas life at your own event. We bring the games, the chips and the dealers along with a hysterical scenario that plays out throughout the evening. You indulge in all the excitement of high-stakes gambling with none of the risk and have a barrel of laughs in the process.

Available Games


A classic card game. Get as close to 21 as you can without going over to beat the dealer or play strategically and hope the dealer goes bust.


A simple dice game. Will you roll under 7, over 7 or exactly 7? Bet right and you’ll clean up.


A more complex dice game. Don’t worry though, we’ll walk you through all the details so you can get to winning more chips.


A casino staple. Bet on a number, a color or odds/evens then watch the spinning ball decide your fate.


Our workshops show you how the tools of improv comedy can help your team find and build on ideas that work. We show you the importance of active listening and share techniques to break down communication barriers by helping remove the fear of looking silly or failing.

Available Workshops


We focus on the skill of adapting to change in this workshop and help you navigate shifting circumstances more confidently.


We share active listening tools in this workshop to help you separate the important information from the noise and listen more efficiently.


We help you become a collaboration master in this workshop by showing you tools to make teamwork more effective.


We work with you to create a customized session that would work best for you. We also offer one-on-one/small group coaching.

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