From delivering a movie pitch on the spot, to handling an annoying stranger in the park, we guide you through an interactive workshop focused on adaptation.

Improve group morale, increase confidence and share a laugh with your colleagues. An improv workshop from Good Improv means a tighter-knit team!


Don’t let change or failure derail you.

There is no such thing as perfection. Sometimes the unexpected occurs and we have to adapt to overcome something like spilling your coffee, having a flat tire or dealing with a road closure. Maybe it’s new technology that disrupts an entire industry, or an ever changing global marketplace. The unexpected will happen unexpectedly. Being able to adapt makes you more resilient in any given situation.

In this workshop we explore adaptation through a series of improv-based exercises designed to focus on opening your mind. You will adapt to unexpected situations and new ideas in an interactive environment that will boost your confidence and tickle your funny bone.

In adaptation you will bravely embrace change and find some fun surprises along the way.

Length:Β Approx. 3 hours

We serve Edmonton and all of Alberta.

This is just one of our many improv workshops. Check back for more in the coming weeks. Questions? Email us at

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