Romance. Surgery. Murder? Bleeding Hearts Hospital saves lives. But if you expose your heart you might flatline…

Featuring audience participation, professional costumes, smartphone integration and more laughs than you’ll know what to do with, a murder mystery from Good Improv means a memorable evening!


Perfect For: Valentine’s Day, Anytime
If You Enjoy: ER, House M.D., Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Childrens Hospital

It was a typical night at Bleeding Hearts Hospital. Filled with drama, romance and plenty of medical jargon. Then head of surgery Dr. Laurie was found dead.

Nicknamed McPillPopper by his staff, Laurie had his share of enemies. There’s Dr. Marlena Black, who thought that she was a shoe-in for head of surgery. Her surgical skill is matched only by her ability to fall in and out of love with her co-workers. There’s also Derrick Blane, a by-the-book anesthesiologist who fails to see the humour in McPillPopper’s crazy antics. Then there’s hospital administrator Dr. Jack Safety. He makes the rules that Dr. Laurie breaks. They all wanted him gone. But only one of them took it into their own hands to remove him…

Length:Β Approx. 1.5 hours

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This is just one of our many murder mystery scenarios. Check back for more in the coming weeks. Questions? Email us at

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