The role of Bugs Bunny will now be voiced by an actual bunny after people who don’t watch cartoons, or care about bunnies expressed outrage online that the character was being voiced by a human.

Demands for the removal of human actors portraying animal characters on the show were dismissed at first, but a campaign on social media quickly gained steam with people who have ample time on their hands, and a desire to claim moral superiority.

Bugs silhouette

Producers of the once beloved cartoon are still waiting for the bunny to speak amidst fears that the animal won’t be able to deliver its lines by the proposed deadline.

”We’ve tried so many things to get this bunny to talk… given it carrots, lettuce leafs… human voice actors were far less demanding. But obviously this was a necessary change. We’re here to listen, not to talk,” claimed one source close to the production.

Other changes have been implemented by the studio to better reflect the policy of inclusion and commitment to diversity that are becoming more commonplace in the current year.

The character of Porky Pig will be renamed “Plus-Sized Pig” to avoid the body shaming stigma attached to the characters original outdated and offensive moniker. Plus-Sized Pig will also be voiced by an actual pig moving forward.


Other changes include Daffy Duck being renamed “Mildly Eccentric Duck” to avoid any hurt feelings his previous name may have caused, and the Studio formerly known as Warner Bros. will now be re-branded as Warner People to minimize the trauma that the previous title inflicted on the non-gendered and gender fluid people who had to go through the harmful and violent experience of reading or hearing the gendered term “Bros.” whenever the studio logo was shown on screen.

The characters Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd have been removed from the show entirely due to the harmful displays of toxic masculinity that defined the characters.

One person commented on the condition of anonymity “Cartoons should be a safe space. When someone turns on the TV and they don’t see or hear themselves being represented, they see themselves being oppressed. My bunny sits in a cage in the room I watch TV in, and as I was flipping channels I came across this so-called cartoon where a human voices a bunny. I call it hate speech. My bunny shouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of these cartoons, hearing humans voice characters that are animals. Oppression is wrong.”

We tried to reach Mel Blanc (the human voice behind these characters) for his comments on this developing story, but he’s been dead since 1989.

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