After the events of Peter Pan, the lost boys move to California and begin following a guy named Max. This ultimately leads to their destruction at the hands of some plucky teenagers. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so it comes as no surprise that after Peter Pan abandoned his gang, they began following someone else. Unfortunately for them, they end up following another vampire!

That’s right, ANOTHER vampire. I put forth the premise that Peter Pan was a vampire the entire time. Let’s examine the evidence.Peter_Pan featured

Peter never ages.

Vampires are immortal beings as long as they avoid vampire hunters and angry mobs. They are also immune to the effects of aging. This explains why Peter Pan never grows old and remains youthful, as long as he consumes his fill of blood.

Peter has the ability to fly.

The first time we see Peter he flies down from the rooftops of Victorian-era London, and enters Wendy’s house through her window. Of course his shadow was inside the house before he was, which was essentially an invitation for him to enter and retrieve it.

ppan shadow

Peter has a shadow that moves independently.

Vampires are shown to have the power to alter their corporeal form, and Peter’s shadow moves as if it has a mind of its own. Peter’s ability to use his shadow in this way is like how a vampire can turn into mist, or a bat.

Peter is adept at magic and trickery.

Not only is Peter able to imbue others with his ability to fly, but he’s also able to mimic other people’s voices, and can imagine things into existence! Legend has it that when people die, Peter accompanies them part way to their destination. He’s surrounded by the undead.

Peter-Pan stake

Peter can be killed if a wooden stake is driven into his heart.

This point is self-explanatory, and one of the only proven ways to kill a vampire. His nemesis Captain Hook is also equipped with a silver hook, silver being one of the things that can harm a vampire.

Peter is never shown eating garlic.

This is because his diet probably consists entirely of human blood. When human food is presented, it’s merely the results of imaginary mind tricks.

pan vamp

Peter has pointy ears.

Which means he’s either a Vulcan, or a vampire. Since there is no evidence that Peter came from another planet, this would suggest the latter.

Peter is nocturnal.

He’s never seen standing in direct sunlight and is almost exclusively active at night. Sound familiar? Because those are the exact habits of a vampire.

Finally, let’s take a look at Peter’s archenemy, Captain Hook. Perhaps you think that Captain Hook is the villain? Well think again, because Captain Hook is actually a vampire hunter. Captain Hook’s ship is named the Jolly Roger. Why would a feared pirate have such a pleasant sounding name for his ship? Perhaps because he is no villain at all, but rather a hero, trying to rid the world of an evil blood sucking creature who preys on children. In fact, Hook was not his true name. James Barrie stated “Hook was not his true name… to reveal who he really was would even at this date set the country in a blaze.” My research into the etymology of his name has revealed shocking results.  The name Hook is of Dutch origin, and was previously Hoek, before that it was Van Hoek, and finally before that… Van Helsing.

That’s right, Captain Hook is actually… Captain Van Helsing. This is perhaps the most compelling single piece of evidence that Peter Pan is and always was…  a vampire.

What do you think?

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