In business, change is a near-constant factor. Take the technology industry for example. You have different people working to develop new technologies all the time. If someone makes a mistake, it’s the job of the team to fix it. You always need to pay attention and respond to something as soon as it happens. When your tech team is faced with a deadline you need to be flexible and figure things out as you go along in order to complete important projects on time.

Tech teams are often faced with having to make quick decisions. In situations that require decisiveness, improv will help you avoid second guessing and censoring yourself. This will enhance your ability to contribute innovative solutions to the challenges you experience. Dealing with changes as they arise and putting out fires as they happen is something that occurs every day at tech companies. But if you learn to take everything in stride and react accordingly to get things back on track, you’ll be able to address any issue that comes your way.

Good Improv can help your tech business adapt to change more easily through improv comedy. This will help managers communicate better with employees, and employees communicate better with customers and colleagues alike. With good communication comes a host of tangible benefits, which is why top-tier business schools are teaching improv classes including Duke, MIT, UCLA, and Stanford. Notre Dame’s Executive MBA program offered improv classes as recent as this past July.

Preserve talent. By completing one of our improv workshops you will strengthen team bonds and build better relationships. Strengthening team bonds with improv will help your company preserve talent. These workshops will enhance your ability to be present in the moment, foster positive energy and attitudes, listen more efficiently so you can discover innovating ideas, postpone judgment in favour of collaborating, and be more adaptable to change.

Deeper empathy. It’s easier to relate to people and understand their perspectives as part of an ensemble. With everyone contributing ideas freely, and building on the ideas of others you will see how active listening and collaboration leads to innovative solutions that wouldn’t be possible without the power of acceptance. Less than two percent of tech professionals have had formal training on listening techniques. The supportive mindset required for improv will result in better understanding between individuals. Listening well helps you be empathetic, steer projects in the right direction, allocate resources, detect possible burnout, and, best of all, improve communication.

You can’t predict what changes are going to happen in the future, but business leaders of today are in need of any advantage they can get. Improv Workshop – Adaptation

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