We live in a noisy world. Phone calls, meetings, memos, emails… We are constantly being bombarded with information. Let us help you focus on paying attention to detail.

Improve group morale, increase confidence and share a laugh with your colleagues. An improv workshop from Good Improv means a tighter-knit team!


Don’t let details get lost in the noise.

Listening purposefully can help you connect with the other people around you. More and more companies are seeking feedback from their customers than ever before because listening works wonders.

According to Glen Llopis in a 2013 Forbes article, less than 2% of all professionals have had formal education to improve listening skills and techniques, and spend about 45% of each day listening. 85% of what we know we learn through listening, but humans generally listen at a comprehension rate of only 25%.

Improve awareness, boost memory, and have some laughs developing your listening skills in a fun environment.

In this workshop you will focus on attention to detail and hone your listening ability like a muscle.

Length:Β Approx. 3 hours

We serve Edmonton and all of Alberta.

This is just one of our many improv workshops. Check back for more in the coming weeks. Questions? Email us atΒ goodimprov@gmail.com

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