This is the true story of Steve Spalding A.K.A. BallHead. An all-american boy who grew up with a simple dream; to be the pilot of an airplane.

Steve was born with an unusual condition, his head is a basketball. Even with this challenge he was determined to live the best life he could.

ballhead smoking

Steve fell in with a bad crowd during his teenage years where he repeatedly attempted the act of smoking a cigarette. Of course he lacked a proper mouth with which to smoke his cigarettes for which he was relentlessly mocked by the other teenagers.

Drinking alcohol also proved to be quite difficult for young Steve, but holding alcohol became one of his favorite pastimes. Here he is pictured holding one of his favorite drinks; a glass of chilled champagne. A dark reminder of a celebration that would continue to elude him in his pursuit to become the pilot of an airplane.

ballhead drinking

With his dream destroyed he decided to spend the day at the park, sitting in the sun, enjoying the birds that would often surround basketball games. He admired them for their ability to fly, something he’d never be able to do. It was there that Steve Spalding fell in love with basketball, and the nation fell in love with Steve Spalding A.K.A. “BallHead.”

He wasn’t much of a player, his skills being terrible due to his lack of a human head. But the players on the opposing team were completely terrified of the “monster” they had to play against. They began to call him BallHead, a nickname meant to ridicule him. However Steve lacked human ears with which to hear their insults. Fans would chant his new moniker whenever he was on the court as a show of support for their favorite player. Sadly he was never able to hear their adoration.

basketball head no logo

Word of BallHead’s ability to petrify the opposing team with fear spread throughout the national basketball association, and several scouts showed up to see Steve in action. Though he was open for many passes he sadly never touched a ball or scored a point during any game he played in. He would never go on to win an actual championship due to his complete lack of talent, but his legacy as the “Peoples Champion” remians intact.

Steve hasn’t been seen in public much since 1999 but is said to have been spotted on rare occasions around airport basketball courts across the country.

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