A muggle passes through the border security wall at platform 9 3/4

Thousands of undocumented muggles have slipped past the border control wall at Platform 9 3/4 according to Hogwarts Express agents, and it’s been happening for longer than many would care to admit.

Passing through a small hidden entrance they find their way onto the train and scatter once they reach the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry, with a large number of them living off the state sponsored wizardfare system once inside. Many of them attempt to secure unregistered wands via the black magic market once they arrive, and the outcomes are often disastrous.

One Hogwarts wizard who wished to remain anonymous commented “You have people using wands that they simply don’t have the training or discipline to wield and there’s a danger to that. It took me years to learn how to use a wand safely and sometimes I even tell myself ‘You’ve got this, Ron’ and accidents still happen. You’re not going to print my name, are you?” Wizards have to go through a meticulous vetting process to legally obtain a wand, but muggles are often able to easily obtain one without a license.

Private wand sales are unregulated and whether it’s at a wand show, a wand convention, or even an ad on an online marketplace like Wijiji it’s getting easier and easier to get your hands on one of these dangerous weapons.

The owners of Olivanders, a popular wand shop issued the following statement after the latest spike in wand violence “We’ve taken a firm stance and will no longer be selling assault wands in our stores.” Wands are popular for personal protection, but some say we should ban wands altogether.

Local resident Phil Crudd is someone who believes that wands have no place in modern society “What does someone need a wand for in this day and age? If I’m under attack there’s sure to be an official Hogwarts wizard nearby who will step in and protect me. I just don’t see the point in private citizens needing to carry a weapon like that.” Crudd continued, “Hogwarts should institute a wand buy back program and get these things off the streets before a more muggles get their hands on one. Now get off my property.”

“Institute a wand buy back program” – Phil Crudd

Of course not everyone agrees. Some believe in the “good guy with a wand” theory saying that it isΒ a citizen’s duty to carry one at all times. Wand free zones are being set up across the country in an attempt to curb their use but as many have stated this will only affect those who already respect current wand laws.

Attempts at deforestation have been made to reduce the raw materials needed for wand production, but environmental groups have strongly opposed this tactic. Trees are the main material used to create wands today as most are stick based in their construction.

The National Wand Association (N.W.A.) have been the biggest opposition to wand regulation, and they continue to lobby for less legislation and wand control measures as they see any reduction in wand rights as an attack on their personal freedom. Many have criticized Hogwarts for accepting hefty donations from the N.W.A. and it’s members, but the school denies any wrongdoing stating “Wands are an important tool used by our instructors and students alike. Hogwarts maintains a mostly safe environment of diversity and inclusion where everyone gets a wand regardless of background, ability, or intention.”

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