When the original Star Wars movie arrived in theaters in 1977 it became a sensation largely because of cutting edge special effects. The film spawned two sequels; The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi which went even further in the effects department and brought life to stunning visuals.Β  But these films left Star Wars creator George Lucas dissatisfied. He was limited by the technology of his time and later altered the films in a way that was not initially possible re-releasing the films as a special edition with updated computer generated digital effects that could more closely match his true vision for the films. George Lucas would later go on to sell Star Wars to mega-corporation Disney. In a shocking twist Disney recently announced that they are re-re-releasing the movies with some updated effects of their own to more closely match their vision of what the films should be.Β These new special editions are enhanced by the hard work of the world’s most breathtaking visual artists.

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