Terminator Extinction

Skynet hacks into a pack of animatronic Velociraptor dinosaurs at a newly opened amusement park in order to kill John Connor, played by a digitally de-aged Edward Furlong. To protect John Connor the resistance sends two paleontologists, an expert on chaos theory and a couple of plucky children. Featuring lots of action and a few surprise twists this movie is said to be “the actual TRUE sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, we promise this time it will be good” according to people familiar with the thinking of the filmmakers.

Terminator: Planet Earth

Narrated by David Attenborough, Terminator: Planet Earth chronicles the life of animal Terminators like the TE-1000 (pictured above). Follow the journey of one of the most majestic murder machines that Skynet has ever produced as the TE-1000 migrates south to kill John Connor, once again played by a digitally de-aged Edward Furlong. Filmed entirely on IMAX cameras this movie is a feast for the senses. Filmed over eight years across 128 different countries this epic documentary style film is set to stun critics and audiences alike.

Terminator: Field Of Balls

This film takes the franchise in a refreshing new direction. This is the story of a T-801 Terminator who just wants to play Major League Baseball after being told all its life that all it will ever do is try to kill. A digitally de-aged Edward Furlong earned an Oscar nomination (best supporting actor) for once again playing John Connor. This may be not only the greatest Terminator movie that’s ever been made, but also the greatest baseball movie that’s ever been made. And that includes Moneyball.

Terminator Chronicles: Abraham Lincoln

A historical drama set against the backdrop of the American Civil War, Terminator Chronicles: Abraham Lincoln features a stellar cast including Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, Greg Kinnear as John Wilkes Booth, and a digitally de-aged Edward Furlong as John Connor. The plot of this film has been a tightly guarded secret as film executives do not want any spoilers leaking before the film’s debut this summer.

Terminator: Jets, Railways and Motorcars

This bittersweet buddy comedy sees John Connor, played by a digitally old-aged Edward Furlong, trying to make it home for Thanksgiving as he and the T-800 embark on a country wide road trip filled with misadventures. The film takes places over the course of three days as the odd couple travel by jets, railways and motorcars hoping to make it home for the holidays before Skynet can succeed in its mission to kill John Connor. Critics are praising the filmmakers for balancing the slapstick shenanigans with sentimental comedy moments.

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