The search for the truth of what really happened to the three little pigs covers a broad spectrum that examines every aspect of the official account with the help of professional engineers, architects, and scientists. The official inquiry into the attack on the three little pigs concluded that a big bad wolf was responsible for the destruction of two of their homes. But could a wolf really have caused those two buildings to fall by huffing, puffing, and blowing those houses down? Or was the destruction of the straw and stick buildings the result of something else?

Buildings made of straw have several weaknesses; susceptibility to rot and difficulty obtaining insurance coverage are two of them. Yet prior to this incident there were zero accounts of straw buildings collapsing due to huffing and puffing by a big bad wolf. Let’s take a closer look at the site of the first attack. When it collapsed, the straw house collapsed in on its own footprint. If there was a wolf that huffed and puffed and blew the house down from outside, a large portion of debris would have been scattered all over the surrounding area. Instead, the straw house collapsed in on itself and most debris was found inside the wreckage. Eye witnesses claim to have heard exhales before the collapse, could those exhales have originated inside the house?

straw house intact
Little Pig building 1 before the collapse.
straw house aftermath 1
Building 1 after the collapse. The majority of debris fell within the footprint of the building, and the pig was found dead days later, inside the wreckage.

The second building to collapse that day was the one made of sticks. The official inquiry concluded that a huff and a puff travelled down from the top of the stick building, causing damage to the internal support structures and damaging the main level before this building also collapsed within its own footprint. Could huffs and puffs alone have been powerful enough to collapse an entire building made of sticks? Perhaps. However, a stick building collapsing due to huffs and puffs was previously unprecedented. If the straw house and the stick house had been the only buildings to collapse that day then maybe the official story would hold more weight.

stick house 1
Little Pig building 2 before the collapse.
stick house collapse
Building 2 after the collapse. The building collapsed in on itself and another pig was found dead inside the wreckage.

But are you aware that a third building fell that day? Little attention has been given to the collapse of the steel house, the seventh building in the little pig complex. This building wasn’t hit by a huff or a puff, yet on that fateful day at 5:27pm it also collapsed to the ground within its own footprint. All three of these buildings fell at freefall speed, a fact which the official inquiry never mentions. The following diagram illustrates the layout of the little pig’s building complex.

Building 7 was not directly attacked by a big bad wolf that day, yet it still collapsed. Why?

A 47-story skyscraper, the steel house folded neatly in six and a half seconds. A textbook descent right into its own footprint. Interestingly in the weeks prior to the attack the little pigs had reworked their insurance policies to make sure their buildings were covered for damages caused by a big bad wolf. The little pig who lived in the brick house survived the attack, killed the big bad wolf, and was awarded over seven billion dollars after successfully suing his insurance company in court proceedings. No little pigs were found located in the wreckage of the steel house as they were ordered to evacuate after the first huff and puff hit the straw house.

We may never fully know what really happened on that fateful day. It’s distressing for everyone to come to terms with this evidence, but we must pursue the truth, wherever it leads. Did these buildings collapse solely as the result of huffing and puffing by a big bad wolf? Or did something more sinister happen that day? Look at the evidence, and decide for yourself.

What do you think?

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