Country music sensation Biff Tabasco has added several 2020 dates after his massive Dogs Are Miracles With Paws tour sold out in seconds. Biff is the first musician in the history of country music to play a dog as a musical instrument.

Tabasco will hit Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Regina before closing out with two shows in Nashville. The tour is in support of Tabasco’s upcoming album Dogs Never Lie which is due out on January 13th 2020. All tickets sold on the tour will come with a digital copy of his sophomore album.

Produced by Cat-Man Dan, Dogs Never Lie features a track list of 15 songs including several of Biff Tabasco’s mega hits such as You Must Be Barking At Me, and Take Me For A Walk. Both songs quickly reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and are sure to be nominated this awards season.

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Signature hits like Chasing My Own Tail are what originally propelled Tabasco to superstar status. Biff Tabasco is bold, dedicated, and devoted to taking risks. Several major record labels initially passed on his music as they thought a musician who played a dog as an instrument was too edgy for a broad audience, but eventually he was signed by indie label Ward Dogs Music.

“I grew up around dogs, I always thought they were a very musical animal.” -Biff Tabasco

While some consider his musical style to be innovative, country music traditionalists are split on the issue. Some see a guy playing a dog like a guitar and react like when audiences booed Bob Dylan for going electric. Others see Tabasco’s approach to music as a refreshing change.

Either way, you can’t deny that his effect on the music industry has been enormous. There’s a chance that Biff will be dropping a new single before the end of the year from his next upcoming album, Off Leash. Early rumors indicate that Biff Tabasco will continue to surprise his fans and critics alike.

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