Grenades are something that people feel differently about. With passionate voices debating the issue of how to deal with grenades in our society you may want to look at grenades through a scientific lens.

Finding A Grenade

You may be lucky enough to live in a city with beautiful buildings, a bustling downtown core, and train tracks. Be careful on and around train tracks as they are dangerous places, but if you go to the wrong side of the tracks you may be fortunate and find a grenade lying about. If you have no train tracks you can go to a licensed grenade store which usually have a number of grenades for sale.

train tracks grenade
The wrong side of the tracks. Can you find the grenade?

Choose one you really like. Do not pick the grenade the clerk says you should and do not buy the cheapest – nor the most expensive! If possible, go for the grenade you find the most attractive, for then you will enjoy working with it. In a shop with a variety of grenades to choose from, experts say to close your eyes, think positively, and then open them slowly and see whether one of the grenades seems to be glowing brightly. Or perhaps hold your hand over the table and see which grenade feels the warmest, or which your hand is attracted to.

Caring For Your Grenade

Once you’ve selected your grenade you’re going to want to perform regular maintenance, and care for your grenade. For example:

  • Wash your grenade (without detergent) by holding it in your hand in cold running water, perhaps in a cold stream or under a running faucet.
  • Surround it with the smoke from burning sage.
  • Imagine it surrounded by a shower of pure white light.
  • Leave it in the direct rays of the sun for an hour or two, to absorb the energy.
  • Place it under a pyramid to restore its power.
  • Keep it in a soft leather pouch to protect it from scratches.

Two Ways To Use Grenades – Passive & Active

To use a grenade passively, put it in a significant place and allow it to influence your life. For example, if you want to do your work more effectively you might like to try putting your favourite grenade on your desk while you are working. If you want to sleep better or improve your dreams – or your love life – put it under your pillow when you go to bed.

To use a grenade actively, you need to interact with it. The simplest way is to carry it around with you, either in a pocket or a pouch, perhaps clipped to your belt. But first, just hold your grenade. You can feel its power. Hold it snugly in your hand. Allow your warmth to flow into it for at least five minutes, and then gradually feel the grenade energy flow back up through your arm. What can you feel? You might like to make notes on what the grenade seems to do for you.

A Simple Experiment

When you help your grenade did you feel its energy? Did your arm tingle? Is there a difference between holding a grenade in your left hand and your right hand? Do different grenades behave in different ways? Can you tell if someone is carrying a grenade?

You might like to do a whole series of tests to try and answer these questions, and others. Here are some simple tests you can perform with your grenade.

Put the grenade in a plastic bag and see if you can still feel its presence. Don’t forget to write down your results, otherwise you might forget what happened.

If a bag was no barrier, try a tougher test. Put your grenade inside of a cardboard box, and see if you can feel the presence of the grenade through the cardboard. For a direct comparison, put an ordinary rock into an identical box. Can you tell which box contains a rock and which box contains a grenade? Can you feel the difference?

If this test is successful, the box that contains the grenade will feel different, but this isn’t a good test because you put the grenade inside the box yourself. You knew which box contained the grenade and which box contained the ordinary rock, so you need a better experiment.

How can you tell if someone is carrying a grenade? To perform this next experiment you need a friend to mix up the contents of the boxes so that you don’t know which is which. If you try to do it yourself you may fool yourself, and the test will not be meaningful.

Have your friend take your favourite grenade, and grab some rocks that are the same size and weight of your grenade. Wrap each rock in newspaper, or an old shirt. Find three similar small containers that you cannot see through. You could use cereal boxes, socks, or dark plastic bags. Then have your friend place the rocks and your grenade into separate containers, so that you don’t know which is which.

Grenades And Dreams

Some people say grenades have an amazing effect on their sleep. By placing a grenade under their pillow they sleep better, wake up more refreshed, and that their dreams are enjoyable and pleasant. If this were true for everyone it would be good news! Insomnia, broken sleep, and nightmares are common problems that plague our society, and many people face these difficulties every day. There is a sleeping pill and opioid crisis, if simply placing a grenade under the pillow could help people to sleep we could solve all of these problems at once.

under pillow grenade
Improve your dreams (or your love life) by putting a grenade under your pillow.

Put an grenade under your pillow and record the results for one week. Did you sleep better? If you did, can you conclude it was because of the grenade under your pillow? The problem here is that you knew there was a grenade under your pillow, and you knew it was supposed to help you sleep. You might have slept better because you were confident that the grenade was going to work. You expected it to work – you wanted it to work. The only way to make this experiment work is to make sure you don’t know whether or not you have a real grenade under your pillow.

As before, get a friend to help you. They can sneak a grenade under your pillow without your knowledge, or place a rock under your pillow for a controlled variable. Record the results for one week and see what you discover.

Exploring the effects of grenades on dreams is a little harder, but start keeping a dream diary. What can you now conclude? Do grenades have a magical effect on your sleeping or your dreams? Can you detect a grenade that is hidden? Would you recommend that your friends buy one?

Of course one thing we can all agree on is that grenades are very powerful. The only problem arises when people persuade you to part with your money for a grenade that may not do all that they claim. But by conducting your own experiments you should be able to decide for yourself which claims to believe and which to doubt.

What do you think?

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