Effective collaboration elevates every aspect of your organization. When your team is working towards the same goal, more gets done. We can help you unlock the hidden power of your team.

Improve group morale, increase confidence and share a laugh with your colleagues. An improv workshop from Good Improv means a tighter-knit team!


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Day to day life is a near-constant act of engagement with other people. Collaborating effectively means that best practices can be shared quickly, and you can create synergy working side-by-side with others. Understanding the skills that your team already contains then utilizing them most effectively will boost your ability to accomplish your shared goals.

In COLLABORATION you will build on ideas as a group, discover innovative solutions together, and strengthen your team bond.

Length:Β Approx. 3 hours

We serve Edmonton and all of Alberta.

This is just one of our many improv workshops. Check back for more in the coming weeks. Questions? Email us atΒ goodimprov@gmail.com

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