A recently discovered original draft of George Lucas’ Star Wars story reveals a very different world from what greeted audiences in 1977.

Star Twareks
The recently discovered original screenplay.

“Captains log, star-date 2569. ahh 7.

I’m going to beam myself, Mr. Spock, and doctor McKoy down to the nearby planet of Tatooine where my personal friend Luke Skywalker awaits me.

“Hi Luke. Yeah long time no see.”

“Hey Jim. Let’s go.” said Luke.

When we arrived at the rebel base we were informed that the Empire had begun construction on a new space station called the Death Star.

“Say Luke, where are Han and Chewbacca?”

“Oh them, they’re flying up the Millenium. Here they come now.”

“Hey McKoy, how you doing?” said Han.

“Duck!” said Jim.

Luke and Han hit the floor and Jim shot a stormtrooper with his phaser.

Luke and Chewbacca had to leave so they left Han with Kirk. If you’re wondering how I know so much it’s because I’m Luke Skywalker.

All of a sudden they were warped. A voice said “If one of you can survive all Jason & killer movies you will defeat the empire and good will rule. I got sent to a Jason movie.”

star wars poster feature 2

It’s obvious that George Lucas kept the basic elements of this original story intact, but made a few significant changes before releasing the movie in 1977 to audiences worldwide.

Anonymous sources from within Disney confirmed that the studio is in talks to reboot the Star Wars saga in what they describe as “a story closer to George’s original unreleased vision” after Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker hits theaters this December.

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