Here are some of the hottest trends in hairstyles for dogs that will take your dog’s hair from bleak to chic.

The Power Flow

dog hair 1Your dog will be ready to enjoy the fresh spring weather with this cut. Light and flowing with a side part to keep your dog’s bangs out of its face. Long and strong, this cut is a good fit for dogs who are confident, yet fun.

The Triple-Bun


This pug is modelling the Triple-Bun with face drapes. This cut says playful with a side of sass and will make your pug the “bark of the park.” Good for warm weather but also keeps your pug’s ears warm during those winter months.


dog hair 3.jpg

Dreadlocks are a haircut that will suit almost any dog. This strong female two-tone pup went for two-tone dreads to show off her dynamic side that says she’s here to play and here to stay. But she won’t roll over unless she wants to on her own terms.

The Kentucky Waterfall

dog hair 4.jpg

This hound might seem like he’s all business at the front, but the party’s at the back with this classic Kentucky Waterfall cut. Works with most breeds, but is best suited to dogs with strong self-esteem and excellent manners.

The Rock Star

dog hair 5.jpg

This lightly tousled design looks great on British Bulldogs who can pull off the required rocker vibe. With a cut like this people might wonder if your dog is in a band, or maybe belongs to someone who is a band, or they might think that your dog is a famous television dog. It says “I’m artistic, but I still like to chew on bones.”

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