God On God is a divine comedy about the incredible, biblical journey of our creator. God speaks for himself to clear up common misconceptions, shine a new light on biblical events and self-aggrandize just a little bit.

God On God was written for and performed at the 2013 Edmonton International Fringe Festival.


  • Dan Moser as God
  • Jordan Ward as Adam/Noah/Pegasus/Jesus
  • Kay Schultz as Eve/Noah’s Wife/Sheep/Mary
  • Colby Crossley as The Snake/Centaur/Wiseman #1
  • Nate Collins as Minotaur/Wiseman #2/Joseph


  • Joey Roach – Audio Technician
  • Louise Mallory – Stage Manager
  • Becky Ward – Front Of House

Written and Directed by Dan Moser & Jordan Ward.