A Golden Girls’ Tribute: Sofie’s Wild Ride¬†is a brand new show that pays tribute to the sassy senior ladies of 80’s television.

Wise-cracking Golden Gal Sofie Palermo has gone to the great beyond… or so she thinks. Join Sofie’s trip down memory lane with daughter Doralee (a square), best friends Brooke (a sexpot) and Rowe (a nitwit). Does Sofie learn a lesson? Maybe; maybe not. Either way, this 83-year-old is wickedly funny!

A Golden Girls’ Tribute: Sofie’s Wild Ride was written for and performed at the 2018 Edmonton International Fringe Festival where it had a sold-out run and received a 4-star review.


  • ¬†Nicole English as Sofie
  • Amanda LeBlanc as Brooke
  • Ana Fassmann as Doralee
  • Rhonda Kozuska as Rowe
  • Althea Cunningham as God/Marguerite
  • Brian Ault as Sid/Game Show Host


  • Dan Moser – Audio/Video Assistance
  • Louise Mallory – Stage Manager/Audio Technician
  • Betty LeBlanc – Costume/Prop Design

Written by Amanda LeBlanc. Directed by Louise Mallory.