A sample of our work.

We’ve been creating things in the Edmonton area for quite some time now and we’re really proud of everything we’ve made! Please enjoy this sample of some of our previous work.

Don’t forget to check out our blogĀ Good Ideas for all the latest stuff we’ve been working on.

Breaking The News

“100% Inaccurate Information”


Breaking The News is the only news program that is GUARANTEED to be 100% false. Our rigorous fact-checkers work tirelessly to confirm that every story we bring you is totally untrue.

Breaking The News is broadcast LIVE every Saturday at 8:00 PM MST on Sound Sugar Radio or if you’re more into videos, can be found on our YouTube channel.


The Good Improv Show

“Improvised sketch comedy”


The Good Improv Show is a weekly dose of brand-new sketch comedy delivered directly into your ears. We take a few suggestions then make fun with them. Everything is made up on-the-spot and each episode is chocked full of enough laughs to send you into a frenzy of indescribable joy.

The Good Improv Show is broadcast every Saturday at 7:00 PM MST on GRadio.ca, can be found on our blog Good Ideas or downloaded wherever you get your podcasts.

Sofie’s Wild Ride

“A Golden Girls Tribute”

A Golden Girls’ Tribute: Sofie’s Wild Ride is a brand new show that pays tribute to the sassy senior ladies of 80’s television.

Wise-cracking Golden Gal Sofie Palermo has gone to the great beyond… or so she thinks. Join Sofie’s trip down memory lane with daughter Doralee (a square), best friends Brooke (a sexpot) and Rowe (a nitwit). Does Sofie learn a lesson? Maybe; maybe not. Either way, this 83-year-old is wickedly funny!

A Golden Girls’ Tribute: Sofie’s Wild Ride was written for and performed at the 2018 Edmonton International Fringe Festival where it had a sold-out run and received a 4-star review.


  • Nicole English as Sofie
  • Amanda LeBlanc as Brooke
  • Ana Fassmann as Doralee
  • Rhonda Kozuska as Rowe
  • Althea Cunningham as God/Marguerite
  • Brian Ault as Sid/Game Show Host


  • Dan Moser – Audio/Video Assistance
  • Louise Mallory – Stage Manager/Audio Technician
  • Betty LeBlanc – Costume/Prop Design

Written by Amanda LeBlanc. Directed by Louise Mallory.


The Dan & Jordan Show

“Unscripted comedy, serious fun”

The Dan & Jordan Show is 30 minutes of fun! Totally unscripted, totally hysterical and totally new laughs each and every week. Indulge in a fresh series of outrageous scenarios that play out before your very ears resulting in unprecedented levels of hilarity. Every episode is exploding with never before heard content that is guaranteed to provide the weekly recommended dose of comedy that your body requires to stay healthy.

The Dan & Jordan Show was broadcast every Saturday on GRadio.ca during 2016-2018.



“Award-winning improv”

PowerCub was the name of our programming for 2016 and 2017. During this time, we created PowerCub TV for Shaw Television, won Best Improv Show at the 2016 Edmonton Fringe Festival and performed Improvised Star Wars at the 2017 Edmonton International Fringe Festival.


God On God

“A divine comedy”

God On God is a divine comedy about the incredible, biblical journey of our creator. God speaks for himself to clear up common misconceptions, shine a new light on biblical events and self-aggrandize just a little bit.

God On God was written for and performed at the 2013 Edmonton International Fringe Festival.


  • Dan Moser as God
  • Jordan Ward as Adam/Noah/Pegasus/Jesus
  • Kay Schultz as Eve/Noah’s Wife/Sheep/Mary
  • Colby Crossley as The Snake/Centaur/Wiseman #1
  • Nate Collins as Minotaur/Wiseman #2/Joseph


  • Joey Roach – Audio Technician
  • Louise Mallory – Stage Manager
  • Becky Ward – Front Of House

Written and Directed by Dan Moser & Jordan Ward.