Murder Mystery Shows

Let us entertain you.

If your group prefers an interactive experience then one of our murder mysteries is the right choice for you. Get in on the fun! Simply choose from one of our hilarious scenarios then get ready to solve the crime. Whether you want to directly question the performers or just follow along on your smart phone, we provide everything you need to figure out “who-done-it” and give you a chance to stretch your detective muscles.

Every mystery can be scaled to suit any crowd size and includes audio-visual elements. We’re based in Edmonton but we travel all over Alberta. Prices starting at $700!



Perfect For: Halloween, Anytime
If You Enjoy: Interview With The Vampire, Sherlock Holmes, Van Helsing, Dracula: Dead And Loving It

There’s been a terrifying string of murders in Victorian London and a vampire is to blame! Three suspects have been brought to trial. You are the jury who will decide the fates of Ducharme, Lenore and Walter.

Hear and see evidence presented by the pompous Judge Danforth. Determine who is the vampire. Choose who will be sentenced to death. You make the decision… but would you stake your life on it?

Perfect For: Halloween, Valentine’s Day
If You Enjoy: Reality TV, Young Frankenstein, The Monster Squad

The Bride of Frankenstein was fed up with both men in her life. Her creator, Victor, quickly lost interest and The Monster for whom she was created ended up being a total bore. Now she’s looking for Mr. Right the only way she knows how: through reality TV. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the first-ever undead Bachelorette!

The Bride is down to her final two roses, and truth be told, these are slim pickings. Much to The Bride’s chagrin, her ex, The Monster, has parlayed his way into the top two by winning all the immunity challenges in a desperate plea to win her back. The other Bachelor is a mysterious mummy who seems to know her all too well… When the competition turns deadly, everyone involved will realize just how monstrous dating can be!

Perfect For: Valentine’s Day, Anytime
If You Enjoy: ER, House M.D., Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Childrens Hospital

It’s a typical night at Bleeding Hearts Hospital, where you’ll find drama, romance, and plenty of medical jargon. When the ER is hit with outbreaks of selective amnesia AND peacock flu, newly-appointed head surgeon Dr. Laurie steps in to save the day with his wildly unorthodox methods and special brand of insane genius.

But Laurie may not survive the night… even in a hospital filled with resuscitative equipment!

Laurie, nicknamed McPillPopper by his staff because of his tendency to self-medicate, has his share of enemies. There’s Dr. Marlena Black, who thought she was a shoe-in for head of surgery. After all, her skill is matched only by her ability to fall in and out of love with her co-workers, including Laurie. There’s also Derrick Blane, a by-the-book anesthesiologist who fails to see the humour in McPillPopper’s crazy antics. Plus, Blane is still fuming over losing Marlena to Laurie.

These dedicated professionals know how to save a life… but will they go so far as to take one?

Perfect For: Anytime
If You Enjoy: CSI, Lethal Weapon, The Departed, The Wire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

After a career spent taking down the most lethal criminals in the city, it’s finally time for Detective Ronald Murdoch to hang up his badge. But just as he’s about to cut his retirement cake Detective Marvin Briggs, Murdoch’s partner of 25 years, bursts in with news that there’s one last case to solve: The gruesome murder of Murdoch’s wife.

Follow the twists and turns as the partners race the clock to find the killer and close one last file before they take a well-deserved break. Inspect the clues, interrogate suspects and crack the case. The clock is ticking. So hurry! Before you get too old for this sh… ow.

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