Dan Moser



Dan uses improvisation to create situations where humor is highly likely to present itself. Laughter is our most precious resource and Dan will extract it wherever it hides.

Dan has been performing improvised comedy for over five years and is a founding member of Good Improv. He has worked with many groups in Edmonton including Go 4 Broke, Grindstone Theatre, Smoking Gun Entertainment and Slixer. Dan has toured across Canada performing improv comedy for audiences that didn’t seem entirely displeased. Dan has also been trained as an audio engineer. In this capacity, he has worked on over 100 television episodes including shows that have aired on Nickelodeon and Treehouse. He’s been described as “such a nice young man” by his grandmother. He is made out of flesh and blood, just like you.

  • Best Improv Show – 2015 Victoria Fringe
  • Best In Venue – 2015 Calgary Fringe
  • Best Improv Show – 2016 Edmonton Fringe
  • Batman Sticker – Dr. Caruthers’ Office


Why did you decide to do improv?
I accidentally went to an improv workshop believing that I was going to watch a performance. Humiliation prevented me from telling the truth about my situation so I stuck around and participated. Since then I’ve been caught in a series of similar misunderstandings that have precluded me from stopping in fear of suffering social embarrassment.

What is your favourite piece of media (movie, video game, album etc.)?
My current favorite thing is The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild on the Nintendo Switch. My all-time favorite thing is The Simpsons on the Fox Network.

What is your favourite thing to eat?
Hot soft-pretzels coated in garlic butter then seasoned with rock salt and served with a zesty tomato sauce or tangy Dijon mustard for dipping.

What was the last song you listened to?
No More Parties In LA – Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar

Rock, paper, or scissors?
Good old rock. Nothin’ beats that.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by the inherent silliness of being alive. I think animals are really funny and I enjoy thinking about how they’d react to everyday situations that humans face. I’m very interested in the English language and the fun ways that it can be twisted and warped. I’m also inspired by people who take comedy seriously.

How would you describe your ideal day?
I wake up naturally. No alarm. It’s not too late in the day but I’ve definitely slept in. Bacon is ready for me to consume as soon as I’m ready to ingest it. Toast with sour cherry jam is also available.

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