Colten Bishop


Spread joy to all… by force.

Colten is an only child so at an early age he had to learn how to amuse himself. It quickly became apparent that this was an effort in futility. That was when he decided to entertain the people around him; again, this was a massive failure. In all seriousness, Colten loves to bring happiness to everyone. He does this through comedy, improv, casual banter, and his full time job selling slush and ice cream machines.


  • Several high school plays
  • 2017 Calgary Fringe
  • 2017 Edmonton Fringe
  • Recurring performances with Go 4 Broke


Why did you decide to do improv?
It all started in high school. During drama class, there was an improv lesson and I fell in love with doing improv. After graduating, I took a couple year sabbatical. Getting back into improv was the best decision I could have ever made!

What is your favourite piece of media (movie, video game, album etc.)?
I love movies. It’s hard to pick just one as my favorite though as so many have inspired me. The ones that have had the most effect on me include the Naked Gun movies, Austin Powers, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and everything by Pixar. Oh and British panel shows are amazing!

What is your favourite thing to eat?
Food. I find eating anything else gives me a stomach ache.

What was the last song you listened to?
Do theme songs to TV shows count?

Rock, paper, or scissors?
Rock….no, paper….no! Scissors!…. Wait, what was the question?

What inspires you?
Joy. Most of everything I do is centered around being happy and bringing joy to others. I sell slush and ice cream machines and do improv. The only other way I could make people happier is by being a puppy.

How would you describe your ideal day?
Sleeping in, eating the best meal of the day (brunch, obviously), do a sweet improv set, then grab some drinks while doing karaoke with friends.

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