Skuba Dental

You did it!

You finally did it!

You have worked and toiled in a job that you hate all year. You bought the cheap toilet paper that feels like sandpaper just so you could save every dime. And you are finally doing it – you are taking a vacation!!!

At last you get to your tropical paradise and you are ready to live like royalty. Nothing is going to wreck your holiday……

But what’s this? A toothache?

The pain is unbearable! You can’t even sip your fruity cocktail without jets of searing agony coursing through your head. Why does this have to happen now?!

But, I have a solution for you!

Welcome to Skuba Dental!

We are here to ensure that your vacation is never interrupted.

You already have that snorkeling excursion booked?

No problem!

We will fill your cavity in the Caribbean. Or fix your snaggletooth in the surf. Finish your root canal while you are rooting through the coral reef. Or even fix your braces on your booze cruise. We can even remove your incisor while on an inflatable.

So don’t let your holiday get ruined by your crappy biology, come visit Skuba Dental for all your dentistry needs!

*Coming soon – Dr. Deepsea, GP*

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